From left to right: Ioannis (John) Katsimbaris, Vice President, Nicholas Gage, President, Aleka Kaloudelis, Secretary General, Ambassador Yuri Kim, Menelaos Tzelios, former President

The board officers of the Panepirotic of America met with H.E. Ambassador Yuri Kim, U.S. Ambassador to Albania and discussed various issues concerning ethnic Greeks in Northern Epirus and throughout Albania. One of the topics discussed was the draft of the new property law in Albania. The Panepirotic Federation of America believes that while the law is not perfect, it is a vast improvement of the mess of regulations now in effect. It offers all Albanians, including ethnic Greeks, the best chance to gain title to their property in 30 years. In fact, the law was drafted with the advice of American legal experts including Simos Dimas, whose family comes form Himara, after consultation with Greek leaders in Albania including Himara as well as the Himara Society of America.