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The Panepirotic Federation of America was founded in Worcester in 1942 by Greek immigrants from that region. It was created to improve the economic situation and quality of life of the people living in Epirus as well as to protect the human rights of ethnic Greeks living in Southern Albania.

Following the communist takeover of Albania in the aftermath of World War II, the traditions of the ethnic Greek minority were criminalized, leading to the persecution of tens of thousands of Epirotan Greeks. ​One of the main goals of the Panepirotic Federation has been protecting the human rights of the Greek minority of Albania, a goal that began coming to fruition with the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe.The association, with 36 chapters, was formed on behalf of what are called the minorities of Epirus, Epirotan Greeks, who say they have been discriminated against by the Albanian government since the communist takeover after World War II.

Board of Directors
July 2020 –

Executive Board Officers: President Ioannis (John) Katsimbaris, Vice-President George Nanis, General Secretary Aleka Kaloudelis, Board Secretary Elpiniki (Niki) PallasTreasurer Olga Fotos. 

Board of Directors Members: Eva Kantlis, Chrisoula Zikopoulos, Haralampos (Harry) Mellos, Stacy Koumbis, Stavros Zhongas, Peter Gikurias

Click on the links below to view and download the pdf docs.

The History of the Panepirotic Federation of America by Elias Betzios (19.68 MB pdf) in GREEK

The Panepirotic Federation: A Brief Outline of Our History and Achievements (20 KB pdf) in GREEK

The Question of Northern Epirus at the Peace Conference by Nicholas J. Cassavetes, 1919 (3.67 MB pdf)

Declaration of Northern Epirotes from the Districts of Koritsa and Kolonia Demanding Union with Greece, May 1919 (1.67 MB pdf)

Olympic Gold Medalist Pyrros Dimas Traveling to America, Spring 2012 (231 KB pdf)