February 21, 2021

108th Anniversary of the Liberation of Ioannina

Today Epirotans and whole of Hellas celebrate the liberation of Ioannina, the geopolitical and financial center of Epirus, from the Ottoman Empire! It is a day of joy, a day of remembrance and a day of syllogism!

Joy that the years of occupation, aggression and oppression were finally over after numerous years of protest, resistance, war and human sacrifice! Joy that peace and human values have finally prevailed over the battered Epirotic land and Epirotans can live as free Hellenes!

A day for the next generations to remember, because freedom rarely comes overnight and never without protest and human sacrifice! We, the generations that live after the liberation should never forget what our ancestors had to endure for us to enjoy this freedom!

Syllogism – thoughtfulness – that this freedom should not be taken for granted! Not all Epirotan Hellenes can live and express themselves as freely, as the ones living in the Hellenic part of Epirus! Enemies and dangers to freedom and liberty are unfortunately always lurking around the corner!

It is indicative that 108 years after the liberation of Ioannina, the Hellenic Republic still has to fight for its sovereignty against Turkish aggression.

It is up to us and the coming generations to safeguard this freedom and this liberty!

In memory of all the humans who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Ioannina, MEMORY ETERNAL, ΑΙΩΝΙΑ Η ΜΝΗΜΗ!

For the Panepirotic Federation of America John Katsimbaris President